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Increase your solar self-consumption and maximize the intrinsic value of your own solar energy.

A clean and sustainable energy security is key to our economic growth,
quality of life and in protecting our environment for future generations.


Electrical Energy Storage is the Achilles Heel of a successful
and economically viable Energy Transition.

SMT Energy Storage

The SMT Energy Storage System enables homeowners, commercial organizations and utilities to manage their resources more effectively and sustainably. It is an economical, safe and durable storage solution, that maximizes your solar self-consumption with the lowest cost of ownership.
The highly durable, safe and fully discharge capable technology does not degrade upon cycling  and maintains its full capacity over its entire lifespan of > 25 years, matching the lifetime of your solar asset.
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Use your solar energy day and night, manage your own electricity and reduce our dependence

from foreign sources.


Be socially responsible and support our future generations. Contribute in protecting

our environment.



Maximize your solar asset, reduce peak demand charges and create additional

revenue streams.

Your Contribution to a Clean Energy Future

Utilize your own clean electricity from your solar installation with an SMT Storage System
and be an active part of our Energy Transition.
Contribute to a clean energy landscape
and support now our future generations.

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