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SMT`s Home Battery System allows you to better utilize your self-produced, clean electricity from your solar installation by storing the surplus production and use it, when needed, such as in the evening and at night.

A smart energy solution with a peace of mind for you and your family.

Long Duration Energy Storage

In conventional batteries, all components are sealed, limiting their energy storage capacity for a given power rating. Our system is not constrained by these limits, as the energy carrier (electrolyte) is stored in separate tanks, separating power and energy. An energy focused technology with a high degree of flexibility for the user, as more electrolyte can be added as required, allowing storage times of up to 12 hours. The technology is well suited for PV self-consumption, load shifting, providing regulatory services (frequency response) as virtual power plants (VPP) and market participation.

For commercial & industrial applications, flexible scalability of power and energy in larger SMT Energy Storage Systems economically enables longer duration peak shaving, regulatory services, market participation and arbitrage.

Design Flexibility

Compared to other electrochemical storage systems, the separation of power and energy provides design flexibility for the user. The power and storage capability can be directly tailored to the associated load and/or energy storage needs of the specific application. Through this we can economically provide an optimized storage system for each application.

Low Environmental Impact & Safe

The electrolyte in our storage system can be re-used at the end of the service life to the battery and be transferred to a subsequent system. This significantly reduces the amount of active material to me mined and has a strong impact on the overall system cost.


The systems vulnerability to uncontrolled energy release is limited, by the system architecture, by a few percent of the total energy stored. This is in contrast to packaged, integrated cell storage architectures, like Lead Acid, NaS, or Li Ion, where the full energy of the system is connected at all times and available for discharge. In addition, the electrolyte is aqueous and non-flammable, which is in contrast to organic electrolytes, that are used in incumbent technologies.

In the event of a fault, the battery shuts down and leaves the majority of the electrolyte unaffected.

Lasts a Lifetime

Unlike Lithium Batteries, that degrade over time, SMT`s unique Battery can be fully discharged without effect on lifetime, and maintains its full capacity over the entire lifespan of the system.

With the ability to cycle multiple times daily to full discharge without significant degradation, SMT's Battery Solutions offer one of the lowest LCOE's available in the market today.
Durable energy storage with the lowest cost of ownership

How does it work?

In our Redox Flow System the Energy is stored as liquids in separate tanks allowing to independently scale Power and Energy.


These electrolytes flow through the cell stack, where the electrochemical reaction takes place during the charging and discharging process. A membrane inside each cell of the stack prevents both electrolytes from mixing.


The capacity of the battery, the electrolyte volume, can be scaled to customer requirements, does not degrade over time, nor decays as a function of discharge depth
or cycling, making the lifetime of the battery unlimited.

Redox Flow Battery

The SMT Energy Storage System
is more than just a Battery

It is a truly economical, safe and durable storage solution,
that maximizes your solar self-consumption
with the lowest cost of ownership.


Low CAPEX & lowest LCOE of less than 0.10 €/kWh

Long Lasting

Over 25‘000 Cycles without capacity loss

High Utilization

Fully usable capacity (100%) without effect on lifetime


Fully recyclable and reusable electrolyte

Flexible & Scalable

Capacity and Power independently scalable

Peace of Mind

Completely not flammable and no threat to property

Join the Energy Transition with SMT

With an estimated lifespan of over 25 years, we can offer a system with a very low LCOE,
that provides the customer with a pr
oduct of exceptional stability, reliability, safety and
peace of mind for decades.

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Lowest Cost of Ownership


25 Years of Constant Capacity


Nearly Unlimited Cycles


Inherently Safe

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